So, what is 'The Power of Softness - Holistic Pulsing'?

Holistic-Pulsing the Power of Softness is a multi-faced approach and technique for renewing and healing relationships, for improving physical and mental health, for self development and the realization of our potential.
Holistic-Pulsing is highly enjoyable! It represents true healing through pleasure and joy, and as we shall see, it literally
rejuvenates us.
Being a truly holistic approach, it has something to offer everyone.
Countless people have found that regular swaps between family members are important for the health of the whole unit and each of its members.
In my opinion there is nothing more tragic than coming and going from this world without realizing the potential we have brought with us, and for which we have survived. Holistic-Pulsing assists us in reaching the highest for which we are destined.
During a session, the pulser applies a constant rocking motion to different parts of the body, while the pulsee will generally be lying on a (high) table or treatment couch. Undressing is not necessary.
The rocking rate is close to the foetal heartbeat, averaging between 120 and 160 beats per minute. This foetal connection is important.
The rocking technique renders Holistic-Pulsing one of the most deeply and rapidly relaxing treatments, through its ‘hypnotic’ soothing action on the nervous system. At the same time it offers a workout for the entire system of both giver and receiver!
The on-going rocking movement acts on many levels: it helps to open the bronchioles, increasing oxygen intake to the lungs and the cells of the entire body.
The constant movement of the spinal vertebrae restores their proper mobility, and therefore helps to correct misalignment.
It also stimulates the bone marrow blood production and globulin production, which enhances the immune system.
Additionally, it awakens the body’s fluids to eliminate toxins.
Although there is more lymph fluid in the body than blood, it has no ‘heart’ to pump it around the system; Holistic-Pulsing stimulates this cleansing circulation.
Holistic-Pulsing can be used for a variety of purposes, e.g. deep relaxation where there is stress and tension, and for physical aches, pains and disorders, as it works directly with the blockages found in the body.
It is also used as a diagnostic tool for the location of blockages in the system.
Most importantly, during the process of diagnosis, the problems are simultaneously being treated. In this respect, Holistic-Pulsing bears some similarity to cranial osteopathy, with which I have been working for many years. 
Chapter 2 (P.16) “The Power of Softness” by Dr. Tovi Browning.

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